Option 2: Shoot Memoir

Remember a special day by letting us create your own memoir out of Game Bird feathers. You can use your own feathers, or we can use our own stock! 
Why not use your own photograph of you on your shoot day? We can utilise it and make your own bespoke frame backed in feathers. 
Add on a special engraved plaque, with details of your shoot, the date, what happened - for example "First Cock Bird shot, Greystone Shoot, XX/XX/19"
Add some foliage like the picture above to finish off the frame nicely. 
So how does it work?
(1)You can get in touch with us by e-mail or social media and discuss your ideas.
(2)If you're wanting to use your own Photograph, we will create a blueprint from that and send it you over to discuss.
(3)We will give you a list of added extras, for example engraved Plaques, Foliage on the mount.
(4) We will finalise the price and I will get to work.
(5) Final check to make sure it's exactly how you envisioned it!

    Our pricing is very fair when thinking of the time spent on the product and overhead costs, prices start from £36.