Option 1: From a Photograph


You might have a special photograph that you want to be backed in our style, with natural Pheasant or other Game bird feathers. We can 100% do that for you as long as the photo is of good enough quality. 

So how does it work?
(1) You can get in touch with us by e-mail or social media and discuss if your photograph is usable for us to create our art from it. 
(2) Once we know if your photograph is usable, I will create a blueprint of it and how it would look prior to backing it in pheasant feathers.
(3) You decide how you want it backing, (tweed, Pheasant, Partridge etc)
(4) I will create the piece
(5) Final check to make sure it's exactly how you envisioned it!
(6) Postage

    Our pricing is very fair when thinking of the time spent on the product and overhead costs, prices start from £36.